St. Teresa Parish Family

St. Teresa Parish Family

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I attended St. Teresa's School from 1991 - 2001, and I am so grateful for the education I received.  My time at St. Teresa's provided me with a solid education, a nurturing of my faith, and an understanding of what it means to be a productive and caring citizen and community member.  The standard of academic excellence at St. Teresa's paved the way for my 4.0 GPA in both high school and college and helped foster a love of literature and music that remains with me today.  More importantly, St. Teresa's helped instill in me a love for God, a steadfast moral compass, and a knowledge of my faith that I continue to benefit from as an adult.  My childhood was filled with wholesome fun, a spirit of curiosity and wonder, and a focus on family values.  I know that St. Teresa's School is largely responsible for this.”

– alumnae, Terri (Morin) Schilmoeller, St. Teresa Grade School

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On May 31st, thousands of Lincoln residents will be showing their support for their favorite nonprofit organizations during Give to Lincoln Day, sponsored by the Lincoln Community Foundation. Give to Lincoln Day is a 24-hour event that encourages everyone to contribute to Lincoln and Lancaster County nonprofit organizations through Your gift will also help St. Teresa School claim a share of the $400,000 matching challenge fund offered by the Lincoln Community Foundation and their Give to Lincoln Day sponsors.

Your generous support and all of the funds raised on Give to Lincoln Day will be used to renovate the school’s kitchen to better serve over 270 students and over 37 faculty staff. The current facilities are in poor condition. Most of the existing kitchen fixtures and equipment are original construction, more than 85 years, and need to be upgraded. Our goal is $60,000 and we know we can reach this with your help!

Funds raised on Give to Lincoln Day will be used to address the following improvements:

  • The serving area will be reorganized to allow two lines to be served at the same time. This change will reduce the serving time by half and provide the students the proper dining time.
  • The serving wells and serving counter will be replaced with modern stainless steel heated serving wells and serving counter. The wood base cabinets and tables will be replaced with stainless steel kitchen equipment.
  • New lighting will be provided over the work and serving areas.
  • The small pantry office area will be expanded onto the adjacent stair landing. This will provide a secure food storage area and a desk space for the head cook.
  • The existing dish machine will have stainless steel backsplashes added to protect the adjacent walls.
  • The existing three compartment sink will have a drain table added over the grease trap.
  • The wall and ceiling plaster will be repaired, patched and repainted.

You can make a difference by helping in the following ways:

  1. Mark your calendar for May 31st and bookmark You can learn more about the project and the great need to remodel our school kitchen on this site.
  2. Give by Check: Check donations must be made out to the Lincoln Community Foundation with St. Teresa School listed in the memo line. We must receive all checks at St. Teresa by 3 p.m. on Thurs., May 31st to qualify for a share of the matching gift fund. Simply mail your check to 616 S 36th St., Lincoln, NE 68510; hand-deliver your check to St. Teresa; drop your donation in the Sunday collection basket in an envelope marked “Give to Lincoln Day “; or call us and we can pick-up your check from your home or business.
  3. Online donations ( to St. Teresa School will be accepted from 12:00am on May 1 to 11:59pm on May 31. You do not need to wait until May 31st. You may make a donation beginning May 1st, and your gift will be held and applied to St. Teresa’s total on May 31st. This is a great way to ensure that you won’t get busy and forget to give. Just go to
  4. Help us spread the word! Forward this information to your family and friends along with a personal note about your belief in Catholic education and St. Teresa School and why they should give on Give to Lincoln Day May 31st.
  5. Like us on our St. Teresa Facebook page and spread the word about Give to Lincoln Day.

Your tax-deductible donation of any size - $10 or $10,000 - is very generous and needed. Your gift for our school kitchen renovation project will impact all students and their education for many years to come. Your gift will be increased through the matching challenge funds as well!

ST. TERESA GOAL: $60,000

Welcome to St Teresa's Parish

St Teresa's is a vibrant Catholic parish located in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska. With a history of faithful membership, and a growing congregation of families and adults of all ages, the parish future looks bright. We are blessed with a long-running perpetual adoration program and many groups and organizations that provide service and fellowship to many people.

Annual events such as processions on Corpus Christi, our Titular Feast Day and the Marian Mass and Candlelight Procession make us the Catholic community that we are.

We invite you to explore our website and visit us if you can. Our dear patron saint will "send a shower of roses" on you, too!

Want to get registered? Call 402-477-3979, Monday through Friday, 9am-1pm or email to find out if you are within our parish boundaries and get registered.

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