St. Teresa Parish Family

St. Teresa Parish Family

Altar Society

Meets 1st Wednesday of the month except January

Meetings Minutes

What does the Altar Society do?

  • Provide for and care for the altar
  • Cares for and replaces all altar linens
  • Maintains a supply of wine and bread for Holy Mass
  • Provides altar candles and maintains vigil candles
  • Provides flowers and seasonal decorations in the Church
  • Cares for altar server cassocks and surplices
  • Prepares food and serves funeral luncheons
  • Routinely cleans and maintains parish kitchen
  • Assist pastor in building up parish family spiritually and monetarily
  • Encourages a yearly retreat for spiritual growth of all parish women
  • Assist Good Council Retreat House by making beds periodically
  • Prays for our parish priests and seminarians
  • Prays the Rosary together before monthly meetings
  • Provides food and workers for the Sisters' Appreciation Dinner
  • Helps sponsor the Parish Bazaar
  • Provides coffee and rolls 5 times a year to promote parish community
  • Sponsors the Advent Giving Wreath to assist the needy
  • Provides & sells pie and dessert at Knights of Columbus Lenten Fish Fries
  • Holds monthly meetings to conduct altar society business
  • Hosts yearly Initiation of new officers & pot luck dinner
  • Supports and implements programs from the Lincoln Diocesan Council of Catholic Women
  • Assist Priests with deanery dinner and Bishop's Confirmation luncheon

What do your dues help pay for?

  • Altar bread and wine
  • Altar cloths, linens, and candles
  • Altar boy cassocks and surplices
  • Flowers and church decorations
  • Funeral luncheons
  • Covers 1/2 of the expense of weekend retreat for all parish women
  • Monthly Mass stipend for all parish women
  • Coffee and rolls 5 times a year
  • Kitchen supplies and paper goods
  • Donation to the Confirmation and First Communion receptions
  • Yearly contribution to the Bishop's special project
  • Priest's welcome and farewell receptions
  • Donation to newly ordained priest's First Mass reception
  • Lincoln Diocesan Council of Catholic Women annual dues
  • Yearly charitable donations to the needy


  • President:

        Dianne Reznicek, 402.421.1151
  • President Elect:

        Mary Pat McBride, 402.483.1296
  • Membership Chariman:

        Mary Huggenberger, 402.486.3727
  • Special Projects:

        Teri Rickel, 402.525.9965
  • Newcomers:

        Jeanne Kee, 205.353.7968
  • Secretary:

        Rose Walsh, 402.499.0937
  • Treasurer:

        Mary Luebbert, 402.486.1808
  • Auditor:

        Deb Fick, 402.435.6441

Commission Chairman

  • Spirituality:

        Mary Davis, 402.484.6494
  • Leadership:

        Nancy Russell, 402.488.0663
  • Service:

        Deb Fick, 402.435.6441
  • LDCCW Rep:

        Cinda Zimmer, 402.484.0214

Committee Chairman:

  • Kitchen:

        Rosie Polak, 402.476.3691
  • Sacristans:

        Shannon Kohmetscher, 402.483.6924
        Laura Minchow, 402.435.1134
  • Historian:

        Stella Sinclair, 402.483.1898
  • Flowers:

        Judy Moser, 402.489.4109

Circle Leaders

  • St. Anne:

        Pat Cruze, 402.499.6139
  • St. Bridget:

        Becky Coulter, 402.984.6824
        Dianne Reznicek, 402.580.7373
  • St. Clare:

        Julie Houser, 402.474.2671
        Laura Minchow, 402.435.1134
  • St. Elizabeth:

        Shelly Sullivan, 402.483.5116
        Mary Pat McBride, 402.483.1296
  • St. Martha:

        Margy Stoley, 402.488.9356
        Clare Schinkel, 402.486.1510

Men's Club

Any man of the parish is a member of the Men's Club.

The Men's Club meets on the Second Wednesday of the month from September through May at 7:30 p.m. in church with a Rosary followed by a business meeting in the Marian Room in the Rectory.

If you are looking to become more active in the parish and meet others, this group will welcome you and put you to work on any of our various projects.

Contact Information:

Michael J. Szatko - Men's Club President

Men's Club e-mail:

The St. Teresa's Men's Club plans and implements projects around the church and school. Some examples of these:

  • Bleacher replacement in gym
  • Installation of projector and screen in gym
  • Installation of netting on south side of school playground area
  • Construction of Sisters Garage
  • Planning and organizing black coating of church parking lot
  • Planning and working with contractor for courtyard area re-concreting
  • Placing wind tarps up between church and rectory each fall
  • Grilling hamburgers and hot-dogs for the annual parish picnic
  • Fall and Spring clean up of grounds including mulching all flower beds
  • Organizing snow removal for church and school areas
  • Power washing/cleaning of church and school
  • Organizing and clean up of tree trimming around church
  • Installed TV in Kaczmarek Hall
  • Annual Spaghetti Feed at Bazaar
  • Helped with School library renovation and ramp in school hallway

While these are an example of things the Men's Club does, it is by no means a complete list of everything that has been done through this group throughout the years.

Knights of Columbus

We are a Catholic fraternal order, whose principles are based on the vision of Father Michael J McGivney, to extend to each and every eligible man of our faith an opportunity to become a member of this great organization and to utilize his God given talents for the betterment of Church, Family, Youth, Community and Council.

Why Join the Knights of Columbus?

Imagine being part of an organization that fills your heart and your mind with the joy of giving to others and the feeling that comes with making a difference.

Knights are Catholic men, 18 years of age and older, who are committed to making their community a better place, while supporting their Church. Being a Knight is more than camaraderie; it is being involved with your community; it is supporting your local Catholic Church, while enhancing your own faith; it is about protecting and enhancing your family life.

For more information on becoming a Knight please contact: